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Thin crushing of meat. The salted and matured meat is crushed again on a top through a lattice with openings diameter. 3mm also kutterut. 6min. in the course of a kutterovaniye add fine-crushed food scaly, lamellar ice or cold drinking water and 0,005% of nitrite. In a kutter add spices and fat according to a compounding.

Preparation of raw materials. Delete rough connecting fabric, lymphatic and blood vessels, fat and cartilages from the rolled beef, pork and mutton meat. From beef I of category watering of fat together with muscular tissue is allocated. Salted pork fat firm and brisket before crushing is cooled up to the temperature not over 6C.

The choice and calculation of processing equipment is one of the major design stages. The equipment is chosen according to the accepted production technology of this product and so that in shop the smallest number of units of equipment with the greatest possible coefficient of its use was determined.

Crushing and salting of meat. The beef, pork and mutton meat salted and matured in pieces, meal or forcemeat is crushed again on a top through a lattice with openings diameter. 3mm, then process on a kutter, adding ice or cold water, a spice flour.

Crushed beef, mutton and pork mix in a farshemeshalka with salted pork fat, brisket or kurdyuchny fat and spices and mix. 15min before formation of the connected monotonous weight with uniform distribution of salted pork fat, brisket or kurdyuchny fat.

Preliminary crushing and salting of beef meat. Zhilovanny meat is crushed on a top with a lattice diameter of openings. 25mm, mix with salt, saltpeter and nitrite (in solution and maintain in small container a layer no more 15sm. 72 hours at a temperature. 4C.

It is necessary for development of high-quality sausages: carefully to select raw materials; to mature the appointed salted meat in the form of meal or forcemeat at a temperature. 4C during. 48 hours; it is good to crush meat with addition of ice and water; to fry in damp air till light pink color.

Meat, salted pork fat – are salted (2,5% of salt to weight. Lumpy meat for production of svinokopchenost shpritsutsya manually, keeps within capacity and is filled in with hydrochloric solution. Time of a posol of 12 hours. At a temperature near thus there is also a maturing of meat that improves quality of a further product.

The fried sausages have to be light pink with a perfect and dry cover; temperature in the center of sausages should not exceed. 40C. At the beginning of roasting give a little steam to a chamber or moisten air during. 10min that promotes uniform and bright coloring of forcemeat and a cover.

Roasting. After a shpritsevaniye and rainfall of sausage fry at a temperature. 90C during. 100min. Color of the fried sausages has to be pink, and a cover dry. On the end of roasting temperature in the center of sausages should not exceed 40C.

Preliminary crushing and salting of meat. After a zhilovka beef and pork crush on a top through a lattice with openings with a diameter. 3mm or. 25mm also salt. For a posol on 100kg meat spend 2,5kg salts and 50gr. The salted meat is matured. 72 hours.

The salted beef appointed meat I and II of a grade matured by N, not fat pork, mutton meat for mutton sausage II of a grade, and also an offal again crush on a top through a lattice with openings diameter 2mm.

If meat is matured in a brine in the form of forcemeat or without brine, it does not go for crushing through a top any more, and kutterutsya directly. The matured meat in the form of meal at first is crushed on a top with a lattice which diameter of openings fluctuates ot2 to 3mm.

Preliminary crushing and salting of pork. The cooled pork can be used in an unsalted look. In this case salt, saltpeter and nitrite are entered directly at thin crushing of meat.

where KGOV, KSV, KP — proportionality coefficients (for KGOV grade beef II = 1; for beef I of a grade 0,95; for beef of the premium 0,9; for the KSV semiboldface pork = 1; fat pork 0,95; for fat raw 0,9; for other additives of KP =; TSV, — respectively the maintenance of pork and other additives, kg on 1 kg of initial raw materials without water.