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Having become the sovereign state, the Netherlands received the official name Republic of the United Provinces. The Netherlands became the first-ever country where bourgeois revolution was made and there was a bourgeois republic first in the history.

Using advanced technologies and narrow specialization, the sector of non-ferrous metals took a strong and competitive position both on internal, and in a foreign market where such Dutch goods as aluminum window designs for buildings, easy high-speed yachts, hothouse and hothouse designs are well-known.

The bourgeois reforms in economy which are carried out in the Netherlands in the middle — the last third of the XIX century, promoted acceleration of process of capitalist industrialization. Primary development was gained by the light, food industry, shipbuilding. Production of brown coal began, there were electrotechnical and chemical productions.

Dutches — the high-urbanized nation. 51% of the population of the country live in the cities, 37% — in settlements of city type, and 12% — in rural areas. In the Netherlands 17 large city communities with the population more than 100 thousand people, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam which stepped a million boundary are. Among the working 67% 28% — in the industry, 5% — in agriculture and fishery are occupied in services industry.

The taken measures gave the chance to the Dutch exporting companies fully to use favorable development of world trade and to increase the export much more than to their competitors.

The share of agricultural sector in export of goods makes about 25% of their total cost. After the USA the Netherlands takes the second place in the world on export of agricultural products. Nearly 78% of agrarian export go to EU countries.

The increased export and improvement of profitability stimulated investments. The investment boom in the Netherlands was the most noticeable in comparison with other European countries. It led to considerable expansion of capacities that in turn also increased competitiveness of the Dutch goods. The increase in the volume of investment promoted also increase of employment of the population.

The leading place in sector is taken by the companies making and processing aluminum, presented in the market of the Netherlands by both the large aluminum enterprises, and small specialized firms. In small volumes also some other non-ferrous metals is made.