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Impact of all types of a mnemonic orientation on storing it was most in details studied by L. V. Zankov. In the works it tracked as the orientation on the accuracy, completeness and sequence of reproduction influences storing.

Especially it is necessary to mark out distinction of an orientation for storing on sequence of that influences us. Sometimes this aspiration to remember events, the facts and something else in that sequence in which they were actually presented. In the following options this conscious change sequence on purpose, for example, to make it more logical and convenient for storing.

In this work we will track as one of types of an orientation influences storing, the most characteristic for educational activity and and features for assimilation of knowledge in the course of training. This orientation can be called as mnemonic, or an orientation on storing.

Noting relevancy of action of a mnemonic orientation on efficiency of storing, it is worth noticing that when checking in the different ways (recognition and reproduction) influence of a mnemonic orientation is found unequally. As show researches, in recognition processes action of a mnemonic orientation is observed in a smaller measure, than in reproduction processes. Sometimes it is not noted at all. However it does not weaken the provision on a mnemonic task, as the factor having a big role in storing processes.

When storing according to the first instruction (exactly) number of additions equally 26%, and on the second – 39%. Thus in the first case mainly separate words, in the second – words of which in the course of reproduction the new phrases which are absent in the text are formed are added.

Any mnemonic activity is directed on completeness of storing. In one cases there is a task to remember everything that influences us (continuous storing, in others only the necessary part – theses, the main idea of the text, etc. – selective storing.

According to many researchers (S. Shellou, L.Postmen, etc.), in the course of involuntary storing usually there are mnemonic installations having more often the hidden character therefore special distinctions (in sense of a mnemonic orientation) between any and involuntary storing are not present.

Most often the orientation of activity is presented as conscious intention to solve this or that problem. Existence of intention is a basis of conscious activity of the person. Also essential role in activity as sources so-called installations, often unconscious and unaccountable have focuses.

Thus it is possible to tell that smaller influence of special forms of a mnemonic orientation is result of small ability of school students to the activity promoting more productive storing.

But the most brightly mnemonic orientation is expressed in any storing. Therefore comparison of these types of storing has to give the most valuable material for the characteristic of actions of a mnemonic orientation in its brightest expression.

The second essential feature of learning in the conditions of an orientation on storing accuracy – mental repetition of separate parts of the text or words, separate parts of phrases. Supervision over examinees and their this introspection gave this fact.

Essential distinctions of process of storing in two groups were as a result revealed. At the first installation material examinees studied the text in more detail, with identification of its structure, mentally repeating some parts, etc. though some examinees did not note special distinctions in process.

However the conscious orientation and unconscious installations are not the primary source of human activity. The reality influencing the person is an original source. Therefore It should be noted that activity of the person is socio-historical caused.

When serves as the purpose what conscious assimilation - or material, in these cases we deal with any storing. In contrast to it, usually expose involuntary storing when the mnemonic task is not set, and activity is directed on achievement of any other purposes.