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What does it mean to give great customer service

The people having the license and working according to a certain ethical code or professional standards such as teachers, accountants, physicians, architects and lawyers, are called as experts, and the advertizing directed on them - professional advertizing. This advertizing has three tasks:

Practically always advertizing is aimed at a certain part of the population. When the person sees advertizing which does not attract him, it sometimes occurs for the reason that he does not belong to that group on which this advertizing is directed. For example, the television roller recommending new laundry detergent will be unattractive for the teenager. In the same way mothers of family with three small children advertizing of paste for false teeth will be uninviting. The target audience usually is defined as group of people to which the advertizing message is turned. It is expedient to transfer this address whenever possible more precisely to avoid dispersion of information as it involves an inefficiency and useless costs.

The catalog – the obroshyurovanny or bound printing edition containing the systematized list of a large number of goods; made in a certain order; illustrated by photos of goods; in text part, as a rule, at the beginning, small introduction article about manufacturer, further – detailed descriptions of the offered goods with technical characteristics is given. The polichromatic volume edition is calculated on long use.

From experience of world business force and a role of advertizing is known long ago. First of all, advertizing bears in itself information which is usually submitted in the squeezed, artly expressed form emotionally painted and bringing home and attention of potential buyers the most important facts and data on goods and services.

For the purpose of decrease in costs of sale the means providing transfer of announcements on the wide range of people known as target audience are applied to advertizing. When advertizing the cost of an exit to one thousand people of target audience is usually much lower, than an exit to one potential client with use of a method of individual realization.

Though such comical buyer in pure form actually does not exist, a certain type of advertizing serves buyers of this sort, being limited to the minimum rational argument. Advertizing appeals of producers of detergents, the big trading companies which use mechanical advertizing for goods and services of simpler, with a zero involvement can be an example.

Many advertisers, such as department stores, automobile dealers and restaurants, use local advertizing as their clients are concentrated in one city or a trade zone. Local advertizing is called often advertizing of retail trade simply because its most part is paid by the enterprises of retail trade.

At any forms of advertizing any message is transferred to group of people. As process of information transfer advertizing originates in ancient civilizations. Most of historians consider that the street signs which are cut out on clay, a tree or a stone used by Ancient Greek and ancient Roman dealers were the first forms of advertizing. At that time the convincing party of advertizing was absent – it represented information transfer in pure form.

With assistance of advertizing the market becomes clearer and available to buyers with various tastes and requirements, with the different level of the monetary income, with unequal traditions concerning consumption.

But along with such, quite obvious requirements more difficult reasons, or motives have impact on our behavior also, they are a consequence of a number of the moments – conscious and unconscious, emotional and intellectual, social and physiological – and are in continuous interaction. These motives are dictated by a set of our installations, i.e. our predisposition definitely to perceive circumstances what they would not be, and a certain image to react to them. These installations are not congenital, they result from the most any interactions which the person constantly enters, since childhood.

Modern advertizing is difficult and diverse. She mobilized huge material and intellectual resources. Therefore pertinently to reflect as far as it is necessary and that gives to society, economy, the state. Especially as opponents of advertizing and us, and abroad it is enough. The population fills up television with letters that advertizing became too much, it inconsiderately interrupts transfers on the most interesting places, irritates, stultifies, loosens moral foundations, embitters.