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The main difficulty at research of properties of nanopipe educations is that in time they do not manage to be received in quantities so that axial axes of pipes were sonapravlena. As it was already noted, nanopipes of a small serve as fine model for researches of features of one-dimensional structures. It is possible to that nanopipes, like graphite, well electric current and, perhaps, are superconductors. Researches in these — business of the near future.

Fullerena as new semiconductor and nanoconstructional materials. Fullerita as semiconductors with the forbidden zone can be used about 2 for creation of the field transistor, fotovoltaichesky devices, solar batteries, and examples of such use are. However they can hardly compete in parameters to ordinary devices with the developed technology on the basis of Si or GaAs. Much more is use of a fullerenovy molecule as ready nanodimensional object for creation of devices and devices of a nanoelectronics on the new physical principles.

Existence in electronic structure of fulleren of pi-electronic systems leads, as we know, to the big size of a nonlinear susceptibility that assumes possibility of creation of generators of the third optical harmonica. Existence a component of a tensor of a nonlinear susceptibility x (the with the efficiency making tens percent, ­ existence of phase synchronism in the environment is a necessary condition for implementation of process of a of the third harmonica, but for its practical. Effective generation